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Recent Events:

Our 2021 Paderewski Winners are: Arielle Kayekjian, Charis Pan, George Syrengelas, and Thanos Syrengelas.

We had 3 students participate in the 2022 MTAC Orange County Branch Theme Festival: Arielle Kayekjian (ribbon recipient), Joshua Milchiker (ribbon recipient), and Charis Pan (medal recipient). Awesome!

The following students participated in MTAC Certificate of Merit 2022: Cameron Knudson, Joshua Milchiker, Tyler Nguyen, Rubinaz Cohen, George Syrengelas, Thanos Syrengelas, Arielle Kayekjian (State Honors), Kylie Nguyen (State Honors), and Charis Pan (State Honors, State Convention Performance).

We also had many participants in the 2022 National Guild Auditions. Those who received ribbons: Hannah, Andrew, Maxwell, Cameron, Tyler, and Rubi. Trophy recipients include Joshua M. (3 years, 10 memorized pieces), Kylie N. (9 years, 10 memorized pieces), and Arielle/Charis/George/Thanos (11 years, 10 memorized pieces). EXCELLENT job!!

George Syrengelas received the High School Social Diploma in Music at the National Guild Auditions. This is a major accomplishment!

We handed out certificates for our new students: Liv, Wyatt, and Ian. Welcome to all!

New Documents: A revised Studio Policy and the 2022-2023 Studio Calendar are now available here. Note dates for Master Class and our Studio Concerts.

Upcoming Events: We are using Zoom for many of our upcoming classes and events.


Check out the latest achievements of our students and photos from the events.


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